Our Classes



Our Classes

Play Group 1.8 to 3 Years

Our PlayGroup program at EuroKids Nagarbhavi focuses on fostering individual learning & development through active, hands-on discovery and exploration. We engage children intellectually, emotionally, and socially with a curriculum that is carefully designed for them to pick up foundational skills required for Math, Science, and Language. At EuroKids Nagarbhavi we offer multi-disciplinary learning to encourage emerging interests; your child will discover new things while developing their individual skills!

Nursery 2.5 to 4 Years

Our Nursery program is a unique blend of essential skills like pre-reading, pre-writing, science, and social skills in a logical and natural sequence. This encourages children to learn one step at a time. The program focuses on building language ability, logical reasoning, mathematical skills, and scientific thinking. Each month has its own theme with weekly topics related to the theme along with daily activities that include art, music dramatic play & social interaction.

Euro Junior 3.5 to 5 years

The EuroJunior program emphasizes on each child's potential as they grow at their own pace. It also encourages them to serve and be aware of the environment around them. Stress is laid on activities that promote language development, instilling confidence in the children to vocalize their thoughts and feelings about what they see around themselves. Our Mathematical sessions help develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking skills to foster accelerated learning.

Euro Senior 4.5 ti 6 Years

The EuroSenior program is a way to build on vocabulary and concepts learnt in the EuroJunior program. Children learn how to read and write using new, innovative methods designed especially for their age group. A complex subject like Math is taught using a child-centric and math lab approach that takes into account individual capacities - this enhances their attention span and prepares children for lifelong love for learning and confidently enter first grade.

Euro Kids Nagarbhavi

Shaping your kids future

Importance of Early Childhood Education

As 90% of critical brain development happens in the first five years of life, it is essential for our children to go through a structured and scientific early education for a conducive future. At EuroKids, our curriculum & teaching methods are carefully designed to create stimulating learning experiences that boost neural connections helping children develop higher levels of observation, critical thinking & problem-solving skills

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Our Belief, Our Motto - 'Child-First'

‘Playing, learning & enjoying every minute; that's what we at EuroKids Nagarbhavi Pre-Schools aim to do. Our firm belief is to stimulate the child's imagination by providing them opportunities to grow & develop while playing, listening, reading & writing’

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A Home Away From Home

We understand, as a parent, you would be anxious about your child's well-being all the time; especially when he/she is away from home. At EuroKids Nagarbhavi, our early child care experts have 20+ years of experience in delivering complete development for every child and work relentlessly to create an environment that is friendly and home-like for your children

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With over 20 years of preschool expertise, EuroKids Child-First teaching ideology is proven to provide holistic development for your child, even in an online environment.

  • Age-Specific Program
  • Developed By Child Psychologists
  • Certified Teachers
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With over 20 years of preschool expertise, EuroKids Nagarbhavi Child-First teaching ideology is proven to provide holistic development for your child, even in an online environment.

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